By Faith – Horatius Bonar


“We do not war after the flesh,” and “our weapons are not carnal” (2Co 10:3-4). Our battle is not fought in the way that the old man would have us to fight it. It is “the fight of faith” (1Ti 6:12). It is not by doubting but by believing that we are saved; it is not by doubting but by believing that we overcome. Faith leads us first of all to Abel’s “more excellent sacrifice” (Heb 11:4). By faith we quit Ur and Egypt and Babylon, setting our face to the eternal city (vs. 16). By faith we offer up our Isaacs and worship, leaning on the top of our staffs, and give commandment concerning our bones (vv. 21-22). By faith we choose affliction with the people of God, and despise Egypt’s treasures. By faith we keep our passover; pass through the Red Sea; overthrow Jerichos; subdue kingdoms; work righteousness; stop the mouths of lions; quench the violence of fire; turn to flight the armies of the aliens; and refuse deliverance in the day of trial—that we may obtain a better resurrection (vv. 28-30, 33-35). It is “believing” from first to last. We begin, we go on, we end in faith. The faith that justifies is the faith that overcomes (1Jo 5:4). By faith we obtain the “good report” (Heb 11:39), both with God and man. By faith we receive forgiveness; by faith we live; by faith we work, and endure, and suffer. By faith we win the crown—a crown of righteousness, which shall be ours in the day of the appearing of Him Who is our Righteousness (1Co 1:30).


The Everlasting Righteousness – Kindle edition by Horatius Bonar

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