Prize the Bible More and More ~ J.C. Ryle

Is the Bible the Word of God? Then let us all resolve from this day forward to prize the Bible more. Let us not fear being idolaters of this blessed book. People may easily make an idol of the Church, of ministers, of sacraments, or of intellect. People cannot make an idol of the Word. Let us regard all who would damage the authority of the Bible, or impugn its credit, as spiritual robbers. We are traveling through a wilderness: they rob us of our only guide. We are voyaging over a stormy sea: they rob us of our only compass. We are toiling over a weary road: they pluck our staff out of our hands. And what do these spiritual robbers give us in place of the Bible? What do they offer as a safer guide and better provision for our souls? Nothing! Absolutely nothing! Big swelling words! Empty promises of new light! High sounding jargon; but nothing substantial and real! They would willingly take from us the bread of life, and they do not give us in its place so much as a stone. bibleLet us turn a deaf ear to them. Let us firmly grasp and prize the ‪#‎Bible‬ more and more, the more it is assaulted.

~ J.C. Ryle

4 thoughts on “Prize the Bible More and More ~ J.C. Ryle

  1. Amen friend! Our Bible is (or is supposed to be) everything to us. It is our guide, comfort and best friend. As the saying goes, “Dusty Bibles lead to damned souls” (actually I said that…but y’know…hehe.

    • I heard a child once say, the Bible stood for:


      But truly it is the most important possession we have. The Bible should be cherished, loved, protected and valued over any other source of information, encouragement or instruction.

      A lot of blood and tears went into making the Bible…we should at least have the decency to open it.

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