Lovest thou Me more than These? Samuel Ward

Consider all that Christ has done for you. Consider how He has forgiven you. Is there anything too good, too hard or too dear for Him? Mary, if your tears might was His feet, would you hesitate to pour them out? Is your hair too good to be His towel? Is there any spikenard too costly for His head? Joseph, the Lord has need of your tomb, will you deny Him? Zacchaeus, do you love your wealth above Him Who saved you? Stephen, do you love your life above your Master? Do you dare to do anything that is displeasing to Him? When you feel the pull of your heart toward sin, set your faith to work with all speed. Let it lay hold of God’s power. It secretly empowers your heart with a pliable willingness, and makes your will lamb-like. All this it does by laying hold of the effective cure of the death of Christ. The power of Christ’s resurrection also transforms the heart of man, and creates and infuses him with new principles of action. Trust in His power to mortify your flesh to sin, and make your spirit alive to holiness. Do you find a strong, inbred, habitual vice troubling you and keeping you prisoner against your will? Have you often resolved to forsake it, but with failure? You must renounce the broken reed of your own power. Place your trust in the grace of Christ. Be weak in yourself and strong in the Lord, and by faith be more than a conqueror. Fall, with Jacob, to wrestle with Christ for a blessing. You will go limping away, but you shall be a prince with God and be delivered from Esau’s bondage. If Satan has held possession in some strong fort of your heart, persist in resisting, and he shall fall like lightning before you. Christ can overcome the most putrefied sores of sins, so do not despair,; through faith you can set your feet on their neck and triumph over them. – Samuel Ward
Sermons, pp. 30-32


2 thoughts on “Lovest thou Me more than These? Samuel Ward

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